Client: Canada Science & Technology Museum
Location: 1867 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, Ontario
Year: 2005

The 500 m2 lobby renovation addresses concerns of chronic congestion, spatial quality and poor way-finding from the main entrance. The design responded by reorganizing the existing program elements creating efficiency and clarity for the public and staff. The architecture responded to reinforce this theme with ceiling shapes, wall alignments, bulkheads, lighting, colour and robust finishes creating an exciting and durable environment. The renovation also involved the design of a new cash and information kiosk, public washrooms and new front entrance, and a complete renovation of the existing Boutique. Existing finishes and systems were reused, such as the column covers and ceiling framing and were incorporated into the new design. Some other design concepts involved the creation of an articulated ‘word wall’ and donor wall.

Another project for the National Museum of Science and Technology involved the renovation of an existing office facility to provide new executive offices, a boardroom for the Museum’s Advisory board and a research library. The boardroom has the latest technology for multimedia presentations and simultaneous translation. The table was designed to have internal wiring chases to allow concealed multimedia connection to all board members . Projection TV and AV equipment is hidden in the aluminum ceiling and can be lowered automatically when required.

+ Accessibility By Design Awards Finalist 2008